Bank Holiday, Driver Training News and of course… Manic Miner.

Blog 2. Two bank holidays close together and it’s almost warm and sunny. I say almost, because as per British weather it’s a bit “all over the place”.  At the minute it’s all I can seem to focus on, spring has landed, or at least that’s what the plants in the front garden are indicating. I’m not convinced though,  one minute it’s really warm and sunny and everyone is in a great mood,  life is brilliant and free love reigns,  then all of a sudden the central heating’s back on, it’s pelting it down and everyone isn’t in a great mood anymore, life is a pain in the backside and you have to start paying for love.

I digress, this blog (I am constantly being reminded) is meant to be relative to driver training and the industry, so here’s the news. You can’t take your theory test in a foreign language anymore, and you can now pass your test in an automatic truck and retain a manual licence. Wow. Edge of your seat stuff. Oh, I almost forgot, the DSA has merged with VOSA and are now called (ingeniously) DVSA.

We’re still waiting on news about Hull test centre, (the one that closed down because it was too dusty) and for the time being at least tests will continue to be carried out at Craven Park, the home of HKR. Great if you’re a Robins supporter, not so great I am told if you are an Earlie Bird. I don’t follow Rugby in particular so I’m not entirlely sure on how accurate/relevant the last statement is.  The solution seems fairly obvious to me anyway, why don’t we have two test centres? Hull is big city and with typical waiting period for tests being 6-8 weeks (someone should maybe mention to the DVSA that we now live in 21st century?) perhaps we could have one test centre in East Hull and one in West Hull.  Hull is a city of two halves anyway with the River Hull carving it’s way majestically through the town centre and it would make more sense to have two centres, with a wait of upto 8 weeks for a test I think a 2nd test centre is justified.  I am however using common sense, something that is increasingly uncommon nowadays sadly.

Did anyone look up Manic Miner? (read the last blog) I am within an inch of buying a Commodore 64 just so I can relive the 80’s. It must have been a good game, I can still remember the theme tune (who wouldn’t) although it did spark controversy in the pub the other night because someone mentioned that they thought Jet Set Willy was a better game. I’ll be honest, I’d completely forgotten about JSW and how good it was, but I can’t remember the theme music so on that basis alone it can’t have been as good.  Another cracker was Codename Droid for the BBC/Acorn….. can’t remember if that even had a theme tune, so that won’t score either.

Well that’s about it from me for now, in the next blog I’ll try and be more interesting.