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Blog is back

 The return of the Blog For one reason or another we haven’t put a blog out for a while. I’m going to have to say it’s because we’ve been too busy, which wouldn’t be a lie. We’ve just had the busiest and most exciting 12 months of our trading history as it happens and it’s […]

Why should I consider taking an intensive driving course?

Learning to drive is a daunting prospect for many people, and it’s totally normal to feel anxious at the thought of being behind the wheel for the first time. First of all though, you need to work out the details of how exactly you’ll learn everything you need to know. Having one or two lessons […]

Bank Holiday, Driver Training News and of course… Manic Miner.

Blog 2. Two bank holidays close together and it’s almost warm and sunny. I say almost, because as per British weather it’s a bit “all over the place”.  At the minute it’s all I can seem to focus on, spring has landed, or at least that’s what the plants in the front garden are indicating. […]

Driver Training and Manic Miner

Well, this is the new website and of course the new blog. On here you’ll find all the latest news and developments from within the driver training industry and updates for new drivers. Or, maybe not. Maybe I could actually put something interesting on instead, which is what I hope to do. If you want […]